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The Airport

From Schiphol to Amersfoort

When you arrive at the airport in the Netherlands the easiest way to travel to Amersfoort is by train.  At Schiphol, you can buy a single paper ticket at the blue-yellow ‘Public Transport Tickets’ machines. 

These yellow machines are operated by the national train carrier ‘Nederlandse Spoorwegen’ (NS), At Schiphol you will find them at Schiphol Plaza and throughout the Netherlands you will find the ticket machines on almost every rail station.

You can also buy the train tickets online.  Click on the link below for the NS Travel Planner to find out which train will get you to your destination and how late it departs.


From Amersfoort to our location: ICOONtheater

​If you are staying in the heart of Amersfoort we recommend you to go by train from 'Amersfoort Centraal' towards 'Amersfoort Vathorst'.
It's a seven minute ride by train and then a two minute walk towards ICOONtheater. 

You can also go by bus or hire a bike at a local bike shop Broers Amersfoort (Zuidsingel 59) at Amersfoort to go 'typically Dutch'. Be aware that it will be at least 25 minutes by bike towards ICOONtheater.

If you want to have public transportation door-to-door advice you can click on the link below. 

The address of ICOONtheater is Leeghwater 1-3, Amersfoort


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We will reveal later what it will be!

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